Ocella is the Generic of Yasmin. 

Ocella is the generic of Yasmin.  Based upon available information, and a press release, it appears that it is in fact manufactured by Bayer Schering AG, in Germany, for distribution in the USA.  As such, in this formulation, Yasmin, or Ocella, have actually been on the market longer than Yaz.

Yasminelle, was launched in Europe in 2000 and it was immediately met with controversy and what has come to be known as the "Dutch Warning".  Yasminelle, is Yasmin in the USA and thus it is in fact Ocella.

According to public information, Ocella is in fact manufactured for distributors in the USA by Bayer Schering AG.  During June of 2008, Barr Laboratories, Inc., which is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd., announced that it had entered into agreements with Bayer for distribution of the generic version of Yasmin - Ocella.  Bayer supplies the generic product.  Ocella was launced in July of 2008 and has had annual sales that approach $170.2 M in the USA.

DRSP (drospirenone) based oral contraceptives have been the subject of 4 (Four) FDA Warning Letters relating to their advertisement(s), promotion and statements advocating their use.  Most recently, the FDA released an FDA Warning letter that is critical of the manufacturing process, as identified in March 2009 during an inspection of facilities in Germany.

Please contact us for additional information or to assist you in evaluating a potential claim arising out of the use of a DRSP (drospirenone) based oral contraceptive 1-888-929-2524 or use the CONTACT HELP NOW form above.

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Yasmin Yaz & Ocella both contain DRSP.

In 2008, Yasmin & Yaz sales were close to$1 Billion dollars.  These drugs are part of a new family of birth control pills that containthe novel progestin, drospirenone (DRSP), in combination with ethinyl estradiol (EE).

  Ocella the generic of Yasmin.


Recent scientific studies confirm that information relating to DRSP is limited. These studies also confirm that the risk of thrombosis associated with DRSP use is six to sevenfold increased risk compared with non-users. 

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FDA Warning LettersClick here to read the FDA Warning Letters about YAZ / YASMIN birth control.

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